Streamlining font creation

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Type design should not be a tedious and repetitive activity.

Screenshot of Prototypo

Prototypo includes over twenty parameters to modify all built-in glyphs at once.
Hobbyist and professional type designers can play, experiment and refine a wide range of body text fonts.



Explore infinite variations, from classical to experimental shapes.



Tweak serifs, curves and pick glyph alternates.



Compare designs in word and paragraph previews.



Export your unique font for desktop or online use.

Crowdfunding Crowdfunding Crowdfunding

An open-source online application available soon

with your help!

Prototypo is currently being developed, in the open. We released a private beta version and we have started a crowdfunding campaign to support the development of version 1.0

Current Features

a-Z glyphs

Export .svg fonts

Predefined styles

Works in Firefox, Chrome, Safari7 & IE11

Upcoming Features

Figures, punctuation and accents

Export .otf .ttf and .woff fonts

Glyph alternates

Works on iPad and Android Tablets

Split view

Independent glyph and serif variations

Paragraph preview

Manage font collection

Edit outline points

Set spacing and kerning

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