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Customize more than twenty parameters…
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Three parametric typefaces to start with

And an infinite number of variations

  • Prototypo Grotesk

    Prototypo Grotesk

    The sans serif that makes sens.
  • Prototypo Fell

    Prototypo Fell

    Classical serif font for classy designs.
  • Prototypo Elzevir

    Prototypo Elzevir

    An Elzevir as we all like it, move it, move it.

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Product Features

This, that, and much more.

  • Characters set

    Works with a basic Latin character set. Includes uppercase, lowercase, smallcaps, figures and punctuation!
  • Export fonts

    Once your design is ok, you can export all font format you need to use your fonts offline & online.
  • Split views

    Improve your design process with severals views: glyph, words, paragraphs, and watch changes in real time.
  • Font manager

    Create and manage multiple projects! Define variants of a master typeface, or branch it in sub-projects!
  • Switch alternates

    Many glyphs are available with one or more alternates to define the perfect shape to fit your custom design.
  • Individualize parameters

    Individualize glyphs or groups of glyphs to refine your design and create unique typefaces.

We're working on advanced features such as spacing/kerning, live preview on your website, cyrillic and more!

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