Introducing Prototypo Web Preview extension

We are pleased to announce that Prototypo Web Preview extension is now available. It lets you preview your fonts on any website.


Try it now in four simple steps:

  • Download the extension and install it.

  • Open Prototypo in a Chrome tab and your website in a separate tab.

  • Activate the extension by clicking on the icon in your tool bar.

  • Apply your Prototypo fonts to the web page via the CSS selectors or by using the extension selection tool.

Watch the introduction video:

Prototypo web preview extension

All the changes you'll make in Prototypo will be applied immediately on your website.

The extension enables you to preview your fonts together in their final environment.

A real plus for your web designs!

_We hope you'll have a great time using the Web Preview extension. If you have any issue write to us, use our in-app chat or tweet to us !_


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