🎉 Our Prototypo family is growing. Welcome Unique!

Get your unique font personalised to match your needs

They say ‘simplicity is the key to brilliance and that’s exactly why we developed Unique, our innovative alternative to generic marketplaces.

Unique is simple to use and yet brilliant, making it easier than ever for you to get fonts you love.

Using our parametric tech using algorithms to generate fonts, Unique opens up countless possibilities with each choice you make! All you need to do is follow our interactive step-by-step guide and tadaa, you get your unique font personalised to match your needs. You’ll find your perfect (font;) match in no time!

All you need to do is to follow our interactive step-by-step guide

Aside from its countless possibilities today, more customisation options will be added very soon!

But not so fast, there is more! It’s a one-shot-payment and users don’t need to worry about licences or the number of usages. Just like our mothership Prototypo, Unique users will own their fonts and can use them anywhere, anytime!

Of course, we have a special deal for Unique’s launch in store! 🙂

Originally priced at $35 per font and $45 for a font family of 4, our launch offer of $15 is exclusively available to the first 1000 users of Unique. Better be quick!

With our team of designers creating more fonts on a daily basis, the number of choices available is skyrocketing fast. Also, our virtual guide in the app learns and adapts with every decisions you make. And you know what? We’re working on some AI algorithms to improve the variations and be able to give users personalized advice.

Pretty cool, right?

Let us know what you think, we can’t wait for your feedback! 🙂

The Prototypo team