An important milestone.

We did it.

This week we reached an important milestone: more than 100,000 people signed up to Prototypo (100,335 actually, but this number is growing fast from day to day 😍)

Not to mention the fact that we love developing a tool that helps thousands of people design fonts all over the world, this is also the best experience we’ve had in our professional lives. Just to mention a few highlights:

We met / talked / chatted with people we admire a lot as designers, but also as entrepreneurs: Paula Scher, Chris Messina, Yorgo Tloupas, Scott Belski, Clark Valberg (yes, Clark from InVision is a real person in case you’re wondering), Mike Davidson, Zack Onisko, and many others (that may sound like unashamed name dropping, but we warned you — we are proud! 💪)

All these great memories largely overcome the slightly unpleasant ones, such as the day Adobe introduced its Project Faces at Adobe MAX – on the eve of our official release!

Since that day, not only have we developed Prototypo into the fully grown app it is today, but we have also launched some bold and audacious tools and experiments: Unique for non-savvy type lovers, It’s me to enable people to typeset their emails with their own fonts, an API to design custom fonts in real time with sounds, cameras, other data, etc., and now Inyo, a tool to help freelancers from our community to ease the communication process with their clients.

The Prototypo team loves designing new experiences. That’s why we want to keep pushing the limits with what we have been developing in the last 3 years and we are increasingly excited at the prospect of collaborating with, and enhancing, fellow design applications in the future.

But right now, we would just like to say 100,335 THANK YOU. You all are amazing

And if you’re still not a pro user of Prototypo, enjoy our very limited offer: 50% off our annual Pro Plan (available until June 30). Note that the offer applies to the Agency Plan as well. Don’t miss this opportunity to add custom fonts to your design skills!

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Yannick, CEO.