Prototypo in the Wild: a custom font for Schema Projects

The new Schema Projects identity is an amazing example of what you can do with Prototypo! We are impressed by the work of Kiku Obata & Company who have completely understood how to use Prototypo.


Schema Projects Gallery in NYC © Kiku Obata & Company

Schema Projects is a Brooklyn based gallery dedicated to works on paper. Some time ago they commisionned the studio Kiku Obata & Company to design the visual identity of the gallery. The project included a custom font intented to be used on their communication medias (exhibition cards, ads, signage, invites and totes). They got the job done with style and… Prototypo!

The challenge lay in getting a sophisticated but subtle result so that attention remains on the artists and not on the identity of the gallery. The designers started from Prototypo Grotesk to draw a custom typeface in a single weight, for the logo and to use across all materials.


Font-in-use © Kiku Obata & Company

An idea + Prototypo + Some adjustments = A winning combination.

First, Kiku Obata & Company’s team had an overall idea of the final result. The following step was to set the global tone of the font by adjusting the proportions and other details in Prototypo. Then they exported the font to refine it in a classic type design software.


“clap clap” comma © Kiku Obata & Company

The comma especially caught our attention, because of its radical design. A small detail that counts!


Silkscreen tote bag! © Kiku Obata & Company

Thank you Kiku Obata for the first screen printed font from Prototypo, that’s the way we like it!


Sneek peek of the Schema Project typeface © Kiku Obata & Company


Business cards set in Schema Project font © Kiku Obata & Company

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