The new Prototypo is here!

Here’s what we just posted on our KickStarter blog

We have a little something for all of you coming back from vacation, and all of us who barely had any:

  • we’ve rebuilt Prototypo from the ground up and the latest beta is online on (use your existing username and password),
  • we’ve opened a Slack room where you can chat directly with members of the team: (during office hours, central european time, mainly),
  • and did you notice we’ve redesigned our home-page?

More than a year has passed since the end of our KickStarter campaign and the release of the first beta. We quickly realized that a lot of work was still required to meet designers’ needs: a tool that is easy to use, that allows to create original and personal typefaces of high quality.

Head over to the original article to learn about everything we changed, and all we’ve got in mind for the future of Prototypo!