Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers.

Can I sell the fonts that I've made with Prototypo?

Absolutely. Prototypo fonts are under CC-0 license: you own the font that you have created and you can copy, modify, distribute and perform the work, even for commercial purposes, all without asking our permission.

How many fonts can I export with the full version?

You can export as many fonts as you want with the full version.

Can I import my own font to modify it?

Prototypo does not work that way. We code letter templates with functions and algorithms. But we want to give you an easy way to code your own templates and increase the possibilities of Prototypo.

When will I be able to downgrade my monthly account?

As Shakira said “Whenever, Wherever”. You can downgrade whenever you want since there is no commitment: neither for the monthly billing nor the yearly billing. Send us an email to [email protected] and we will do the rest (please stay with us, we like you.)

Is it possible to pay through Paypal?

We’re sorry we can’t accept Paypal payments right now.

How to delete my account?

Oh noes : ( That is a really sad news… Could we know the reasons in order to let us improve our app?

If there is no return, please send us an email at [email protected], we will do the rest.

Is the technical support included?

You can ask to our team whenever you want no matter the subscription plan you have. Company plan subscribers can enjoy a 24H premium support.

Is there any tutorials on how to create fonts with Prototypo?

We have a Youtube channel where we broadcast some tutorials about Prototypo and what you can do with it. We are also working on a Prototypo Academy to show you how to use the app without limits and create powerful visual identities.

Which language or glyph set Prototypo supports?

Prototypo supports the Latin Extended 3 glyph set which will let you create fonts for Occidental purposes. In a not so distant future, we will extend it to another languages like the Cyrillic, Greek, Arabic, etc.

Can I download a standalone version of Prototypo?

We think that a web-app is the best fit for our users needs: there is no complex installation, updates are instantaneous, your fonts collection is synchronized on all your computers and you benefit of the great advantages that the web offer. That’s why we are not planning to release a standalone application for the moment.

Can I make some changes on a specific group of letters only?

Of course. With the individualization feature, you can make specific adjustments on each letters or groups of letters. See: Edit > Individualize parameters. You can also make manual adjustments by using the manual editing tool (white arrow in the glyph view).

What are the minimum requirements to run Prototypo?

Prototypo uses modern technologies to render fonts in the browser. To run the app, you will need an up to date version of Chrome, Firefox or Opera. Safari will soon be supported.

Can I create cursive fonts with Prototypo?

Prototypo use parametric templates and we don’t have at the moment such cursive font templates.

More questions?

Feel free to contact us if you have any question with Prototypo.