Design stronger identities with bespoke fonts

Prototypo is the first web app allowing people to create unique identities with bespoke fonts.

Creating custom fonts has never been easier

A custom font conveys a company’s heritage and values. It is a priceless investment lasting the brand’s lifetime. The web application Prototypo gives the ability to create custom fonts and export them to use everywhere (desktop applications, websites…).

After choosing one of the four templates available (designed by the international foundry Production Type) users can design their own font by moving over 30 sliders (x-height, curves of the serifs, width…). The changes apply live to each character of the Latin alphabet.

Thanks to its “Glyphs individualization” and “Manual editing” features, the app gives users a high degree of customisation. Prototypo allows them to create a fully functional font without using any other software.

An outstanding technology

Based on the parametric fonts technology that uses algorithms to generate letters, Prototypo automates the repetitive tasks specific to type design.

Beyond its primarily “web-app use”, Prototypo’s engine has an infinite range of applications. Think shop windows that react according to the movements of passers-by, data visualisation that mixes info and text or websites with readability and accessibility enhanced for visually impaired people.

Creating intelligent fonts capable of fitting all types of uses and media is now a reality.

A constant pursuit of improvement

In June 2017 Prototypo sparked a global excitement, turning the latest Google font, “Spectral”, into a parametric template. This first ever parametric Google font is now exclusively available in Prototypo.

Other significant additions are under development, including a parametric fonts builder that will let advanced users create their own font template. A Cyrillic alphabet adaptation will be released by the end of the year.

About Prototypo

Created in May 2013 in Lyon — France, Prototypo gathers a team of experts in type, graphic design and code. Its unique font creation service is used by more than 35K designers coming from over 130 countries.

P.S.: If you want to use the live-tester on your blog, feel free to use the iframe:

<iframe src="" width="720" height="370"></iframe>


Press contact:

Yann Guillet | [email protected]

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